Tuesday, 8 December 2015

... Christmas countdown Days 7 and 8

The last of the catch up blogs and it does mean that you get double jokes today get ready for a big groan! Oh and I get double chocolate :)


Just a little over 2 weeks left to the big day and I still haven't even written a Christmas card yet, not a huge task I am glad to say and one I normally like to get done in the first week of December.  I have promised mince pies to two different sets of people for this week so I must get those done either today or tomorrow.


We did have a lovely festive moment on our weekend away, it is something of a ritual when we go to the North Norfolk coast to make a visit to Cromer and more specifically to take a walk on the pier and that includes popping into the cafe/bar at the entrance to the theater at the end of the pier.  It was incredibly windy so a hot chocolate and a warm mince pie was just the thing, Christmas songs were playing and it had been really well decorated a combination that put me right into the Christmas spirit.


Photo shoot piccys are Ribbon for the 7th and Baubles for the 8th


I think this is technically known as an embarrassment of ribbons, firstly because they are in a bit of a state and also because I have so many of them! I like to get as many uses out of them as I can.


Without all my "re-use" ribbons things look a lot neater


Day 7 and 8 with a nice haul of chocolate and the inevitable jokes, brace yourself, I know its been a while but here we go.....

"Why does Santa like to wear bells?"

"Because he love a good bell-y laugh!"

"Knock Knock"

"Who's there?"


"Mary who?"

"Mary Christmas"

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