Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas countdown Day18

Through out this Advent calendar adventure I have applauded my forward thinking and shook my head in disbelief in equal measures.  Today is the perfect example, no chocolate today, instead I have a lovely festive vintage brooch on one of my homemade felt hearts, this is great timing as I am braving the big shops in Nottingham today and I can wear it on the lapel of my coat.

My choice for photo shoot on the other hand has left me wondering why I thought this would be a suitable subject! "stripe", the only thing I can spot is the stripped bags on the Advent calendar so instead I have taken a few snaps of some of the decorations on my Welsh dresser, if I set myself a similar challenge in the future I will add a few allowable substitutes.

One of the joys of decorating for Christmas is seeing bits and bobs that have been with us for many years and enjoying the memories that are associated with them.  I have been very active in providing lots of homemade decorations this year however, I did succumb to temptation in Sainsbury's yesterday, the "Christmas wishes" picture above was reduced to £4.75, I was immediately drawn to it and my first reaction was "that is nice but I could make it myself", but when I thought about how much it would cost in time as well as components I gave in and plopped it in the basket maybe next year when I take it out of storage the memory will be sitting and writing this blog!

And's groany joke

"What goes Oh, Oh, Oh?5"

"Santa walking backwards!"

How are your "to do lists" I am getting to the rationalisation stage ie need to do rather than it would be nice to do.

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