Thursday, 3 December 2015

... Christmas countdown Day 3

Day 3  and today's bag has a lovely new treat of Hershey kisses, these are not readily available in the UK as they are from the US, so I was chuffed to bits when I found them in B and M for only £1.99 for a big bag, I don't think my waist line will be quite so happy!

I did ponder the idea of trying to craft with them as they often appear on my Pinterest feed in many different guises but I already have too many unfinished projects that I need to concentrate on, not to mention a growing to do list!

Photo challenge today is "spots" so I will start with the bag from my Advent calendar, I must have had something in mind when I put this on the list but can't for the life of me remember what! so I have gone for a very brief walk round my house and I didn't have to look too far to find spots!

My Winter Cath Kidston handbag in a lovely cranberry colour with the classic white spot, I have personalised it with a homemade flower brooch.  The brooch is fairly easy to make and I will post a how I did it at some point in the new year.

Puddle tested pink spotted wellies, I think they will be seeing plenty of action this weekend if the weather forecast is correct.

I still have plenty of spotty sweet bags left and you can be sure that you will be seeing more of these before the end of Advent

I couldn't resist having a little bit of fun with these cute little picnic plates, they are so useful for buffet meals as their shape allows them to slip between round plates.  I purchased them from dotcom online gift shop I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this store as it has so many lovely items that are very reasonably priced, however, some of the sizes and the quality can be a little disappointing, they are worth a visit at this time of year as there are loads of little "stocking filler" type pressies that everyone seems to love.

OK I now this is what you really dropped by for its joke time.....

"Who hides in a bakery at Christmas?"

" A mince spy!"

Right I am off to dig out the Christmas cards so that I can cross at least one thing off my list!  How are your preparations going? Have you sent any cards yet?

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