Sunday, 30 July 2017

Baby Esme's quiet book

Well its safe to say that the photo challenge went by the wayside as my real life took over!

I did find myself a little bit of creative time and started to put together this little felt book for my granddaughter.  She has got a recent fascination for untying shoe laces and I thought I would do a page with some ribbons or laces on that she could undo to her hearts content or as often as her Mum will retie them!   Once I looked on Pinterest I saw so many great ideas for quiet books that I found it hard to limit myself!

I am currently working out what I can sandwich in the pages to give them a bit of noise when she plays with them.  To "bind" the book together I am planning to include a couple of loops of tape or ribbon on the edge of the page and then tie them together with a double knot and hope she can't undo them!

We have a friends wedding next weekend and I am hoping this is going to live up to it's name and keep her quiet for at least 5 minutes.

She loves twiddling with labels so I thought these mini bunting flags might work for her.

I stuffed the apple tree with off cuts and scraps of the felt I had accumulated, I thought this would give a bit of texture when  she is handling and bashing the book about,

Glad to say this didn't challenge my zip sewing phobia!

She is too young at the moment to understand the concept of putting something into the envelope but she will love the button and the lift up flap.  If it survives I will make a little something later that can be slipped in there for more fun and games.

I know she will enjoy tugging and pulling these loops of ribbon around, she already has toys with short strips of ribbon and she love grabbing them, usually followed by trying to eat them! well she is 8 months old.

Last but not least a couple of shoe laces which were the catalyst for this project.

I like the idea of the book being tied together so we can remove pages that are no longer relevant and replace them with whatever new and exciting thing that entertains and educates her.  There are some superb examples on Pinterest and I look forward to bringing my take to some of them in the future.

Any advice or ideas for future pages would be very welcome.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

July photo challenge - part one


Here is the round up of the first few photos I posted on Instagram as part of my July photo challenge







If you follow me on Instagram you will notice that there were a couple of other photos published that I have not included.  I have got a small technical hitch that I am working on and I will include these in my next post.

The challenge started very well with me posting daily, however, this week I haven't posted at all, as usual real life got in the way.  Knowing me I will meet the challenge of posting 31 pics in the month with a flurry of activity at the end of the month!

Have a good weekend