Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas countdown day 15

10 days of festive fun left before we get a visit from the man in red suit.  In the Advent calendar today I got a massive six Hershey kisses to share with hubby.   The obligatory Christmas joke

"What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?"



My Photo shoot challenge today is buttons.  I have made a couple of Christmas decs using a pot of white buttons that I picked up in a charity shop in Cromer on our weekend away, they were such a fabulous bargain at only 30p!and I still have loads left over for other projects.  I wish I lived nearer I would be in that shop all the time.


The button that will be seeing the most action over the Christmas period will be on the TV remote control.  Gone are the days of getting the double TV magazine and highlighting all the shows you want to watch, nowadays you just click your way through the planner and hope there are too many clashes.   We always watch the Dr Who Christmas special, we never bother with it at any other time of the year but for some reason it has become embedded in our Christmas rituals.  If the Italian job is not included in the TV schedule we will be knocking the dust off the DVD it is our favourite family movie and I am already filling up on everyone's favorite Morecombe and Wise

Lots on the to do list is still to do :{

Christmas cards are still unwritten - I must get them done tonight or tomorrow at the very latest

I have now decorated to the hall

The "tree" is a bit of a work in progress but is not too far off.  I just need to decide which other bits are going out in the front room.

 Decorate the dresser and the mantle in the back room and put out the nativity scene.

We have loads of food in the freezer and the pantry so just a few bits of fresh and some treats to pick up a bit closer to it.

I still have all my presents to wrap  and indeed some to buy so that will be my weekend taken care of!

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