Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas countdown Day 21

21  today, 21 today, no key to the door but there is of course chocolate and a seasonal joke

Our photo shoot today is wrapped presents and I am happy to say that there are lots at my house, there are also lots yet to be wrapped too!!  We haven't spent loads of money, they are by and large nominal gifts such as chocolate and smellies.  As a family we do like the gift giving ritual and I for one enjoy wrapping presents with a nice Christmas film on the TV and the promise of a mince pie and a cuppa at the end.

 I only have two little wrapping tips, cut a little spare paper and turn back the edge to show as a contrast, this is also handy to write on if you run out of tags!

The other is if you have to cut off a bit of excess paper don't throw it away as you can wrap it around a different paper to add a bit of contrast.

I am looking forward to getting the last presents wrapped so that I can stash all the wrapping paraphernalia away and give the house the final tidy up before I declare that's enough I'm not doing anymore.

HO HO HO, it joke time

"What is an ig?"

"An Eskimo's home without a loo!"

Sorry about the joke, they don't get any better!  before I go I couldn't resist adding this Christmas gem


  1. Christmas wrapping is fun. Merry Christmas to you and your family. We are in for a hot one over here.

    1. Hi Sandra D, a very Merry Christmas to you and yours, wet and windy here in the UK, I hope it isn't too hot for you xx