Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas countdown Day 13

Day 13 on the Advent countdown, and happily my cold is starting to subside so I can enjoy my Hershey kiss today.

Photo challenge today is tree or in my case not so much tree and more branch

 I am not entirely sure if this is a branch or a root, it was growing around a log we collected for the fire back in September.  When I first removed it I thought it was one continuous piece but as it dried it became apparent that it was three separate pieces which made it easier to hang.

I have made some white Das air dried clay ornaments to hang and I will raid my not unsubstantial collection of baubles and trinkets.  I will of course post some pictures once it is decorated.

I was planning to make a beach find driftwood tree from the treasure we collected off the beach at Wells next the sea last weekend, however, I am not sure I will have enough time to fit it in now so it may be one to save for next year.

I am lucky enough to already have this lovely driftwood tree that the family brought me a couple of years ago.

Just time for the festive joke

"How do snowmen greet each other?"

"Ice to meet you"

And a liitle festive tune lets rock around the Christmas tree

I hope your plans are progressing a little faster than mine, I seem to take one step forward and two steps backwards at the moment.

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