Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas countdown day 12

Day 12 on the Advent countdown and it is one of the felt gift tags I made on my failed attempt to sew for 30 minutes a day.

This ties in nicely with today's photo shoot "RED", my cold is still making it's presence felt so only a couple of quick photos to share today

Some lovely Scandi inspired paper chains I put together last week ready to decorate the hall way.

I love this little red spotted jug I picked up from a charity shop when we were on holiday down in Sussex in September. When I finally get round to decorating the dresser this will hold some holly from the garden.  The holly bush is of personal significance to me as it one of the plants we brought back from my Mum's house after she passed away.

Playing around with spotted cake cases for the previous "spot" photo shoot.

Joke time

"How do angles greet each other?"

"Halo there!"

Just time for a festive tune before I disappear in search of more tissues:(

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