Thursday, 30 March 2017

Making plans for Easter

Gosh we are at the end of the first quarter of 2017 and it seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye.  As you have probably guessed by the level of activity on my blog I have not been very creative over the past few months.  We are still helping my daughter and her OH with the renovations/extension to their house so every weekend we are over with them. This of course means I am forced to spend loads of time with my lovely Granddaughter, she is such a joy and each week seems to have developed some new trick like holding something in each hand or has a new facial expression, which has us giggling away.  So my crafty time has been rather limited and this of course means I don't have anything new to share.

Spring Flowers

We have booked an apartment in Whitby for Easter (thanks to a heavy discount courtesy of Tesco clubcard points) and I am planning a couple of small makes to take with us to add my own touch to the decor. Fingers crossed they will be completed before we go and I won't be finishing things off in the car on the way up there!

I hope you are all busy creating lots of lovely things, please leave a comment to let me know what you have been making or what your Easter plans are.

Monday, 13 March 2017

5 Quick makes for Mothers day

Mother's day in the UK is 24th March this year, as we have a new Mummy in our little family most of our day will be spent over at her house.

I pulled together 5 quick makes that I think would make nice gifts

1)  In this digital age where photos and videos are shared amongst families on a daily basis why not go old school and print out a photo and put it in a frame. There are plenty of budget frames around from places like W ilko and Tiger Stores etc or check out your local charity shops. If you are watching the pennies print out the photo, stick it on some card (back of cereal box will do) and use it as a card.

2)  I love my felt flower brooch and they are so simple to make here is the link from my 50 makes for Christmas adventure.

3) These memo pegs are incredibly quick to make, they are another on from my 50 makes of Christmas link here

4) Everyone loves a bit of pampering and this hand and foot scrub I made would be ideal as a gift on its own or as part of a Spa gift set along with a nice sponge or loofah some bubble bath or shower gel, heck you know what your Mum would like to be in it.

5) If you are really skint and can't afford to buy her anything, why not give her a coupon for something like breakfast in bed, take you out for dinner when I have cash, do the laundry etc.  Here a few links to site I have found on Pinterest

Please note that ALL Mothers day gifts homemade or shop brought should be delivered with a HUG, a KISS and ALL the LOVE in the WORLD x