Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas countdown Day 22

Its Christmas jumper day on the photo shoot, rather take a selfie I have opted for the "e-bay" sweater pose!


I brought this in the Next sale during the summer I must have been barking mad!  It is I believe in the height of bad taste and there will be finger pointing  and dogs howling whenever I go out in it, OK that might be a slight exaggeration, maybe just the howling dogs then!


I do feel that a Christmas jumper is a big extravagance, due to the limited  period of time it can be used, I was hoping to get plenty of use out of it, however, the mild weather has mean that it has only been seen out twice so far, the spirit of Christmas might get extended this year.


I think that decorating a jumper you already have is a cheaper option and handy for a last minute solution if you don't own a beauty like mine.


One of my little sewn bags on the Advent calendar today, I think this design is my favourite of the three.  I am looking forward to the post Christmas period, having some downtime and making some plans for 2016 that will include a few sewing projects.

Hokey Cokey time for a jokey

"What do you get if you cross a snowman and a shark?"

"Frost bite!"

Only two little packets left now, its getting closer!

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