Wednesday, 2 December 2015

....Christmas countdown Day 2

Day 2 of the countdown to Christmas and I am pleased to announce the winner of the gift-tag give away is Tracy Worswick.

 Having spent so much time indulging myself making my Advent Calendar I realised that I haven't given much attention to all the other things that I need to get done!

So this week I need to

  • Locate the Christmas cards I brought in the sale last year, get them written and in the post.  There is a link here to the Royal Mail so you can check the last day for posting from the UK
  • Decide when the tree is going up and what other areas of the house will be getting a bit of Christmas magic. 
  • Make some more Das ornaments, there is a lot of clay left and it will dry out if not used and they will look perfect on the twisted branch I brought back from my holiday.
  • Work out what days we are at home over the Christmas/New year period, what guests we will be having and do a rough menu plan. My hubby laughs at me because the shops are only closed for 2 days, however, some of the usual items disappear from the shelves to make room for all the Christmas goodies. 

That should keep me more than busy over the next few days.

No Chocolate on today Advent Calendar, but there is on the photo challenge "Hot Chocolate".  It is one of my favourite indulgences and is not just reserved for a frosty night in Winter.  I do sometimes add a few marshmallows but never cream, the more chocolate the better as far as I am concerned!  I had a lovely hot chocolate selection pack from Whittard's last year my favourite was the Rocky Road and it has made it onto my Christmas wish list again.

The deer spoon was a little birthday treat from last year purchased from Dee Puddy.  It is a wonderful piece of nonsense, it has tiny little arms that can be hooked over the top of the mug so that it peeps over the top at you, stupidly the mug I picked for my hot choc photo isn't tall enough for him to do that.

And finally the thing that you have all been waiting for the Christmas joke.....................

"What do snowmen eat for breakfast?"

"Ice Krispies!"

There will be another groaner tomorrow :)

How are your Christmas preparations going? have you got your cards written or are you sending  e-greeting this year?

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