Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas countdown Day14

Day 14 means we have just 11 days of Advent left how will we cope with out chocolate, photo challenges and not to mention the cheesy jokes!!

The boxes came out of the loft and after blowing a years worth of dust off the top I was soon reacquainting myself with lots of old friends and delighting in some treasures that had been forgotten. I usually have a clear plan in my head of colour schemes and themes when it comes to decorating for Christmas, this years alternative tree is dictating some of what will or won't work, due to it's special nature balance is key and there have been a few moments where I have been juggling twigs and baubles! Happily there haven't been any casualties so far.

A little music for you to listen to while pondering the photo shoot today as the subject is "white" it can only be White Christmas courtesy of Mr Bing Crosby & Mr Danny Kaye and taken from one of my favourite Christmas films.  One of the best bits of the film is this number but this version, if you are not familiar with the film please watch in order to enjoy the joke.

I made tons of Das clay ornaments and still have some clay left to use so I need to have a little think about what to do before it starts to dry out.  I love their simple classic shapes and the how easy they are to make, I have seen the same type of thing made with a homemade salt dough concoction which may be a cheaper option. If you are thinking of making these for next year have a look around in the sales for cookie cutters, I also brought a child's rolling pin but a bottle would be fine to use. I did buy from Tiger stores a letter set to print the words on the decorations but I found it a bit of a pain to use as it wasn't very easy to move the letters around in the holder.

Hold on to your Santa hats its joke time

"Why does Santa have a garden?"

"Because he likes to HO-HO-HO"

Any thoughts on ways to use up the air dried clay would be very welcome, please drop a message in the comments or if you are a fellow blogger leave a link .

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