Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas countdown day 19

Welcome to the last Saturday before Christmas and day 19 on the Advent calendar, today's treats are a couple of Hershey kisses.

And the joke today is very appropriate for the crafty community

"Why are Christmas trees very bad at knitting?"

.....................because they keep dropping their needles!

Photo challenge is "piled high", I will spare you a photograph of my dirty laundry!

I have a vague plan to use these pine cones as part of the table decorations on Christmas day.   I haven't decided exactly how that is going to come together, possibly in a bowl or a vase with some of the air dried clay ornaments I made and a few small sized baubles.  I was trying to think of something that I could do with twigs to tie them back into the "tree", I will ponder on that over the weekend.

When we had our weekend away a couple of weeks ago we stopped off at Drove Orchards on the way.  They always have an amazing variety of apples and mostly varieties that can't be found in the supermarket so we do try and grab a few whenever we visit in the Autumn/Winter.  We timed it perfectly on this visit as they were offering a huge carrier bag full to the brim of any apples that you liked for just one pound!  I feel like this was a bit of apple karma as we have a Bramley cooking apple tree in our garden and this year we were organised enough to leave a box full of apples outside our house with a note for people to help themselves; they did!

The final piled high photo is our log pile and log basket, I love having this in the house as each piece of wood adds it's on texture, shape and pattern, once when it sits in the basket and once again when it is used in the log burner.  The outside pile is higher than usual as the weather here is so mild, we haven't seen any snow and there is usually a few wispy flakes by now to get us all a little bit over excited before it disappears.

It was the last of the paper bags on Advent calendar today with just 5 packets left hanging it is a stark reminder that the big day is nearly upon us.

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