Monday, 31 October 2016

Pine cone Garland - 50 makes of Christmas 30/50

Busy, busy, busy I seem to have hit one of those patches where you just don't seem to be able to find time to draw breath so I am slipping in a nice quick simple Christmas make that could quite easily be used in Autumn too.

Using some of the pine cones I bleached here and a few that have been collected in the past couple of months I am making a simple garland.  All that is required is pine cones that are dried out and fully opened along with some twine, I have chosen a pale blue one that came in a set  I brought last year from Wilko

I have gone for the very easy method of just tying the twine round the cone between the layers of spikes either at the top or the bottom to give a bit of variation. I went for big gaps as I wasn't sure if I wanted to fill the gaps with more cones or something else, I tried a couple of ribbon pieces that I had hanging around, I liked the look and added some more. I will leave it up for now and add some small decorations when I trim up for Christmas.

The other methods that I have seen are screwing a small eyelet into the bottom and then threading the twine or ribbon through this or using florists wire wrapped between the layers and then wiring it onto the twine.

The dried pine cones are a good carrier for scented oils so you could put a few drops onto some of the cones if you want to add a Christmassy smell to your home without the usual pot pouri.

Nice, simple, not too time consuming and full of texture.

Make 30 done and dusted so just another 20 to reach my target of 50 makes for Christmas!

How are your Christmas plans coming along? have you started making things yet or are you still at the making lists stage?


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    1. Thanks Michelle it feels like quite an achievement :)