Friday, 28 October 2016

Fudge 29/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

I love this recipe and the reaction that you get when you share the finished product.  It is shockingly bad for you being chocolate, butter and condensed milk!

I made this batch for the baby shower that my daughter's friends threw for her, I have made it for work colleagues and it is always a hit.

Here is a link to the Daily Mail that gives the recipe

I made double the quantity as I had a large can of condensed milk in my cupboard, they must have been on offer in the supermarket at some point. I did a taste test and realised that some of my chunks were a bit too big so I went back and cut some in half, in meant that there were more chunks in the bag so it looked fuller which is always nice,

The recipe comes from this book by Kitty Hope. I love her quirky take on things as well as her vintage style. If you spot a copy of this book in a charity shop garb it with both hands and rush to the till you won't be disappointed or you can always add it to your Christmas wish list.

That take me up to 29 makes eek! almost up to 30 but I still have another 21 makes to go to complete my 50 makes for Christmas challenge

Glad to say there is no sign of my Granddaughter yet which is just as well as she won't be fully cooked until the end of November!  That does mean I am now constantly on stand by just in case the phone should go!

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