Friday, 14 October 2016

Fabric bauble covered Baubles - 50 makes for Christmas 24/50

 I am sharing this with you but those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now as all did not go to plan.

My original thought was to wrap a bauble in fabric and tie it at the top  some thing like this

easy Christmas ornament. I made this 2 Xmas ago and hung it as a mistletoe. Very cute and I actually used one of my kids' soft bouncing balls semi chewed by the dog, so I recycled as well!:

Then I had a brainwave, when I made my cushion covers from tea towels there were some trimmings left over and I thought I could use them up in some way.  When I saw this I thought hello that would work

Scandinavian Christmas decorating ideas. Baubles twine natural rustic:

So then I did a bit of Pinterest research and all the tutorials I found used polystyrene balls as the centre and I was trying to use things up not buy more stuff so I hit on the idea of making some papier mache  spheres to cover

Lets be kind and say they weren't exactly as I had imagined they would be, they dried very hard and quite square, but I was not deterred I came up with another cunning plan.  I would wrap them with some hollow-fibre and that would disguise the fact that they are not very round and then I can just sew the strips of fabric over the top.  It didn't get any better, I have chalked this one up to experience and I may look out for some polystyrene balls in the sales and pick this up next year.

A make that failed this time, however, I still have another 26 to go in my 50 makes for Christmas challenge.

Have you had any success with this type of project?  Do you have any advice to share from your experience?

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