Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Twiggy Christmas tree - 50 makes for Christmas 21/50

This is a bit of a left over from last year, we went to the Norfolk coast in December and collected sticks and twigs off the beach with this project in mind.  Good old December filled up with lots to do and that ate up any spare time that I had so the sticks were put in the log burner and the project stayed in my mind.  No trips to Norfolk this year as our first grandchild is due at the end of November and I certainly wouldn't want to miss out on that! So I raided a few apple tree sticks that had been cut down last year and were destined for the log burner.

I selected enough sticks to make a pair of hanging trees, I tried to go for ones that are quite straight but still had a few bumps to add a bit of character  So all I have to do is add the string

Attempt number one involved lots of pieces of string tying the branches to the one above.  It is pretty sturdy but there is rather a lot of string and I think this detracts from the shape.

I am not really happy with the result and so I tried a different method,

This time I went for a continuous piece of string, it was much quicker to do and I think I prefer this one out of the two, but I am still not quite happy with it.  I will have a chat with Hubby as he often helps me find a simple solution to my crafting dilemmas.  If all else fails the sticks will just be put back in log basket and we will pretend this never happened.

These are some of the Pinterest post that inspired this make

DIY rustic tree decoration #christmas:

2013 Holiday Housewalk {Welcome To Our Home} | Jeanne Oliver:

Christmas tree for the wall made of sticks! Gonna give this a try for sure:

That concludes make number 21 with 29 left to go for my 50 makes for Christmas challenge.

Any advice or suggestions on how to improve these would be much appreciated.

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