Monday, 3 October 2016

50 makes for Christmas 11 to 20

A quick catch up on the last 10 makes, the little olive tree on my patio is getting a fair bit of  exposure in this group it has made its way into several of these posts.

I am working out the next ten makes and looking at the long term goal and wondering if I will actually get to the end of this challenge. With the very important impending arrival of my first grandchild at the end of November I think my focus is going to be channelled in that direction once she arrives.  So my plan is to get stuck in and see if I can get to the end of the next ten and then take it from there

11)  Chin chin anyone for gin

12)  Anyone who had heart

13) When you wish upon a star

14)  Button it

15)  Feeling the felt Toadstools

16)   Feeling more Felt with a  flowers brooch

17)   Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer had a very shiney nose

18)    Did someone mention Chutney

19)    Get your POM POMS out

20)  Relight my Pine cone firelighters

I am not sure which is my favourite out of these ten makes but my top three are the firelighters, the flower brooch and the felt hearts, this will probably change once I have tested the gin!

In case you missed them here are the first ten makes


  1. Hi Sandra, congratulations on your families news. I like the fire cone firelighters, brooch, chutney and gin! It is a girl? So, many things you could sew.

    1. Yes it will be a little girl, I am already pinning things on Pinterest like a mad thing but haven't made anything for her yet. I need to make sure what ever I make isn't going to kill her!!