Tuesday, 1 November 2016

50 makes for Christmas makes 21 - 30

With my 30th make completed here is a round up of makes 21 to 30, click on the number to go through to the individual blog post.


21 Twiggy Christmas trees, a project left over from last year


22 Dried Orange slices, I just need to decide which project to use them for first


23 Brown paper packages not tied up with string but stamped up ready for Christmas

easy Christmas ornament. I made this 2 Xmas ago and hung it as a mistletoe. Very cute and I actually used one of my kids' soft bouncing balls semi chewed by the dog, so I recycled as well!:

24 Fabric covered baubles - not a great success!


25 Cookie sugar hand and foot scrub - smells amazing leaves your hands feeling lovely and soft

26 Advent candle jar - simple and super easy


27 Home made Christmas cards cut - stick - write - post


28  Brown paper bags all dressed up for Christmas


 29  Possibly the best fudge in the world ever


  30 Pine Cone Garland

In case you missed the previous makes here are the first ten and here are the second ten.

I will have my head down for the next ten makes with one eye on my phone waiting to receive the call from my daughter to say that she has gone into labour. Baby is not due until the end of November so I should be good for a while longer (fingers crossed).

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