Monday, 17 October 2016

Cookie Sugar Hand And Foot Scrub 25/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

When I drew up my list of things to do for my 50 makes for Christmas challenge I thought there would be a few changes made along the way and this is one of them.

I found this great blog post from Gina at So...Let's Hang Out with a recipe for a really easy make Christmas gift.

It fits in really well with my plan of using up things I already have in as I didn't have to buy any additional ingredients and I got to use one of my beloved Bonne Maman jars

It looked a little bit wet when I mixed everything together but I went with it and it felt fine when  I tested it.  You can always tweak it you are not happy with the end result.

It looks better now it is packed into the jar.  I wrote the ingredients and instructions on the back of the tag, in case the recipient wanted to make some more.

To use the finished product just take a small amount in your hand and rub on to your hands or feet.  Rinse and the sugar will have exfoliated and the oil will have moisturised.

Woo Hoo make 25 I am half way through the challenge just another 25 to go to complete my 50 makes for Christmas.

How are your Christmas plans coming along?


  1. Unfortunately, I've had to throw out some of these jars to clear some space. If you were closer, they could have found their way to you!