Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Stamping wrapping paper - 50 makes for Christmas 23/50

Time to be a big kid and have fun converting plain brown wrapping paper into hand crafted wrapping paper.


In keeping with a few of my other makes the blackboard paint is out again, I have randomly painted on swoops of paint. My plan is to use this for small gifts and just hope that the painted part will sit nicely so that I can write a little message or draw a little picture.  If not I will use it up on another project.


My second batch is a little more conventional, using a woolly hat and a sweater stamp I brought from Hobbycraft clearance last year. The first line of hats I stamped were a little too close together but once I started spacing in the sweaters it took on a rhythm of its own that I like.


There is a great deal of trial and error involved in this project as I had a very few vague ideas on what I thought I wanted to do but also I wanted to have a bit of a play and see what developed. This is a combination of  an idea and a bit of playing, I did a second piece without the smaller Merry Christmas that was a little more orderly.


There is of course a danger that you can get carried away when the idea of buying the plain brown paper was to revel in its utility and appreciate the beauty in the everyday. My roll of paper is now somewhat diminished but there is still plenty left to do some brown paper packages tied up with string


I am also decorating some brown paper lunch bags into gift bags and I will share that shortly.  The rest of my wrapping paper is what was left over from last year or the year before, I always buy it when it is reduced in the sales, I do like a bargain!

Make 23 means we are heading to the half way point so just 27 makes left in my 50 makes for Christmas.

Are you a sale bargain hunter or do you grab what takes your fancy on your Christmas shopping trips?

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