Saturday, 17 December 2016

twiggy stardust 48/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

When I made my Christmas wreath I cut more foliage than I needed and I have held on to it thinking "it may come in handy".

The Hydrangea heads I have popped in a jug to dry out, although I think this may not produce the skeletal effect I am hoping for and could well be destined for the composting bin in the not too distant future.

A holly sprig here and there in an old bottle adds a traditional touch to the Christmas decorations.

The dogwood I have decided to make into a twiggy star, festive, rustic and biodegradable. I had thought I would make a small one but I had plenty of stems to play with so I went for a really big one,  I have propped it up outside the patio doors so I can enjoy it from the inside out.

Only two more posts before I complete my 50 makes for Christmas project I am so very close to completion!

I alway forget how long it takes to do the Christmassy jobs like writing the cards, it not the actual writing its the time it takes to hunt down all the addresses too! at least it is another one to tick off the list.  Have you got round to writing your cards yet?

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