Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas bulbs 44/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

I love to see hyacinths in flower around Christmas time, I have tried to find out the history of when it became part of the Christmas festivities but could only find lots of helpful advice on how to force the bulbs.  It makes sense to try and brighten up the dark winter months with some natural beauty so I guess it is probably as simple as that.

I have been keeping an eye out in the charity shops for odd pots and bowls to use for this project and settled on a little pudding basin for 50p I like to think it may well have been the home of someone's Christmas pud at some point in its life.

I added a few badly drawn snow flakes with a sharpie, I tried popping a little red wooden heart on but it seemed a bit out of place.  Somewhere in my hordes of Christmas stuff I have a few plastic toadstools on wires but I just cant seem to put my hands on them at the moment, I will post an update should I find them and use them.

I purchased the bulbs from Lidl they cost just under 3 pounds and came in a little wicker basket with a plasticy holly decoration, both have been saved for future projects.

We brought a fresh tree this year and I am waiting for it to settle before I attack it with fairy lights and baubles.

Its begining to look a bit like Christmas ...........que the music

Make 44 completed so only 6 more to go in my 50 makes for Christmas

I hope your own plans are all coming together, I really must write the few Christmas cards that I send. Every year I promise myself that I will send them out nice and promptly at the beginning of December and I almost always end up sending them at the last minute!

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