Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sprouts, sprouts and more sprouts!! 47/50 - 50makes for Christmas

One of the most controversial vegetables on our planet, is the brussel sprouts loved by some. hated by many and very often overcooked.  My daughters boyfriend shared this Christmas sprout interpretation with me that he got from a chef at a country house.

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Image taken from google search and is not my own please let me know if it yours and I will gladly credit accordingly

Streaky bacon - chopped

Sprouts - thinly sliced

Pear - chopped

Red wine

Blue cheese - crumbled

Walnuts - chopped or crumbled

Add the bacon to a frying pan and cook in its own fat and juices until crispy.  Remove the bacon and deglaze the pan with some red wine picking up all the crusty bits, add the shredded sprouts and stir, followed by the pears and another stir. cook for a bit, throw in the bacon, walnuts and the blue cheese cook for a little bit and serve.

I have made variations of this by adding and omitting what ever I have or don't have to hand, eg fruit juice for wine, fruity chutney instead of pear, any cheese instead of the blue cheese.

To save money I cut the tails off bacon rashers when I make bacon butties at the weekends and pop them in the freezer to use instead of buying streaky bacon.
Give it a go if you fancy something different and it uses a frying pan instead of a saucepan which can be quite handy when cooking Christmas dinner

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