Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Marshmallow snow globes 46/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

I am still being inspired by all those amazing jam jar snow globes that everyone has been making over the past couple of years this is my latest effort.


You will need

A little marshmallow mood music

Clean and dried empty jam jar with lid ( these were from the £shop a few years ago and have done a sterling job collecting dust in the spare room!)

white mini marshmallows (you will be left with a jar of pink mini marshmallows, scatter them over the top of your mug of hot choccy)

A small foil covered chocolate bar/snowman/santa/reindeer etc (remember they are your presents an should not be eaten by yourself under any circumstances!!)

Something sticky (sellotape/double-sided tape/sticky fix/glue dot)


Attach the bottom of the figure to the bottom of the jar with your sticky fix

Pile in some of the mini marshmallows so that it looks like the figure is standing in snow.

Pop the lid on and keep it upright.

I am giving mine along side some nice quality drinking chocolate.


A quick little make that will get wrapped up with some posh hot chocolate for a Christmas gift,

Have you done all your present shopping yet? I still have a couple of bits to find but no clear idea of exactly what it is I am looking for (shopping for male members of my family of course!)

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