Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas stocking 41/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

I can honestly say that this stocking has a massive amount of love sewn in to it as it is the first thing I have made for my lovely Granddaughter. She will about 6 weeks old at Christmas and will have absolutely no idea of what is going on around her!

I drew the stocking shape on a bit of old newspaper thinking I could tweak it if I wasn't happy, it is not perfect but I felt it was good enough, I sometimes waste time trying to improve things when the basics are just fine.  The Christmas tree shape was inspired by some felt tree decorations I made last year, I thought it had a nice childlike quality that would endure as she grows up.

There is a small secret pocket on the inside that can be used to leave a little note for Santa or that Santa could stash some chocolate coins in there or even pop in a small cuddly friend and have him peeping out over the top of the stocking, all these decisions are out of my hands as it will be up to my daughter, her partner and Santa to decide.

This is not surprisingly my favourite make of this project and with just a few makes left to complete my 50 makes for Christmas there is not much room for me to top this.

Do you have any homemade Christmas items that have a connection through the generations?

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