Sunday, 18 December 2016

I've only gone and made paper chains 49/50 - 50 Makes for Christmas

I remember making paper chains when I was a kid, licking the end of a bit of paper and realising that it wasn't the sticky end! but loving seeing them all completed and pinned up criss crossing the room. I seem to recall a certain amount of rivalry between myself and my brother and sister about who could lake the longest chain I think my sister being the eldest always won. They seemed to disappear from fashion for a number of years and I am nostalgic to see them back again.

I wanted a little something to finish off the area where I put up the washi tape forest so paper chains made from a Christmas wrapping paper is the order of the day. I went for a small dimension as I felt it fitted in with the washi tape trees. I didn't measure anything as usual and just started off with a small scrap and cut and stuck until a little chain began to evolve.

There are many available to buy if you don't fancy cutting your own, like these from dotcomgiftshop.

Paper Chain Kit Vintage Party

And these festive beauties from paper chase

They are a little bit more polished than my own efforts.

So that is my penultimate make of my 50 makes for Christmas with one final make to complete. There was a moment in the middle where I had a little wobble thinking that I may not reach the end but it is well and truly in sight.

I hope your own projects are coming together, I would love to hear what you have been making, were any of them inspired by my 50 makes?

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