Monday, 21 November 2016

Tissue paper pom-poms 37/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

Way back in make September I showed you this make for Paper pom poms out of paper cake cases, although they came together OK they weren't quite the WOW that I was looking.  In my Pinterest feed I kept seeing tutorials for these big tissue paper pom poms but thought they would be quite faffy to make, I was so wrong.

All you need to do is take two sheets of tissue paper in differing colours and lay them on top of each other, cut them in half vertically and in half again horizontally, so you end up with 8 sheets of paper stacked in alternating colours.

All you do now is pleat them

Tie a bit of wire around the middle to hold it all together

Cut a curve or a point on the end

Tie a string on the wire in the middle long enough for you to hang it up with

Then the fun begins, you just simply fan them out and pull back each of the layers of papers and your Pom Pom emerges

I have played around with this formula a little and made some smaller versions to put on Christmas presents  but they could also be used on your Christmas tree.

I tried it out first time with some tissue that I had saved to reuse, when I realised how easy this was to do I was ready to splash out on some tissue from Hobbycraft as a pound gets you a pack of 10 sheets, however I remembered that about five years ago I had picked some up from the Pound shop in the January sale for 50p! sometimes my magpie tendencies do pay off.

If you are making these in advance don't open them out until you are ready to hang them as they are quite delicate and are very good at collecting dust!

Make 37 done and the 40 mark is on the horizon, I am sure I can squeeze in the rest of my 50 makes for Christmas around hospital visiting and Grandma duties.

What do you think of the pom-pom ? I must confess to being bold over by them

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