Friday, 25 November 2016

Free Christmas Decorations - Hips & Haws 38/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

I have been taking my camera for a walk this Autumn, I think my original intention was to increase the amount of walking I did but once I get my camera in my hand I see photos every few steps so I am not sure that I am actually gaining any benefit other than being in the big outdoors.

Autumn hips

In early Autumn I seemed to have a bit of an obsession for photographing Hips and Haws, I was poking round on the internet looking at other peoples photos and a couple came up where they had been used to make Christmas decorations. They had been gathered and then threaded onto wire and shaped into either a wreath or heart shape.  I rather liked this as they look like chunky red beads we use in our Christmas decorations, or is it the other way round?

Ghirlanda natalizia:

Add a  ribbon or a piece of twine on the top to hang them on the tree and bingo a free Christmas decoration.  I did have a little chat with my conscience before deciding that I want to make these as I was concerned if I was taking food away from the birds as there is no way of knowing how harsh the winter may be and these could make all the difference to some little soul. My solution - hang them outside on my little olive tree on the patio, we can enjoy them through the glass of the patio doors and they are still accessible to the local wildlife.

However my cunning plan was knocked off course when I went out to collect the hips and haws and there was very scant pickings so I didn't feel comfortable taking anything from what was left.  This is an excellent blog post with some fabulous photos  (see above) and full of inspiration but may require translating.

I am going to keep this in mind for next year when hopefully there will be an abunance of hips and haws.

I am crossing this off the list as no 38 leaving just 12 makes to complete my 50 makes of Christmas.

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