Sunday, 6 November 2016

Decorated Christmas Jam Jars 32/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

Three things that are going to get may attention is

1) Something for free
2) Something that can be recycled
3) Something that doesn't take too long to make

This little make ticks all three of these boxes

Free - I am using empty glass jars

Recycled - I am still using empty glass jars

Time - cut something and stick it on or tie something on

They are good for tea light holders and they look good filled with fairy lights,you can stuff them full of goodies and give the to a friend as a gift ( hoping they will share), you can even fill them up with baubles

And at the end of the festivities remove the decorations, give them a wash and either put them in your recycling or use them for something else.

Quick, simple and about as cheap as it gets.

Make 32 done and dusted, leaving 18 more makes to complete my 50 makes for Christmas challenge.

Isn't it funny how any empty jar is a jam jar even if it has previously contained anything from chutney to cheese!

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