Thursday, 3 November 2016

Baboushka snowglobes 31/50 - 50 makes for Christmas

Last year it was tying little trees to the top of toy cars,  this year it is snow globes, it seems I always have a bit of a new obsession every Christmas!

I picked  up these little Babushka style stacking dolls in an amazing emporium we have here in Nottingham called the Hopkinson Centre, it is just opposite the Railway station so really handy if you come here by train.  It is full of treasures and memories and I could quite easily empty my purse in there several times over!

I brought these girls last year and I put them in a drawer ready to bring out after Christmas for a splash of colour and completely forgot about them.  It was only a few weeks ago that I remembered they were there and hit on the idea that they would look sweet in snow globe  jars of diminish size. Unfortunately the differences in their sizes was too great for me to find suitable jars so I went for one big one.

I secured them with glue dots and got busy with the snowflake punch, they had come from the shop in a white paper bag so in the spirit of using up what I already have in I made a start on that.  Stupidly I threw the waste away but I realised after that I could have incorporated that as decoration on gift tags or bags.

The hanging snowflakes is an idea fresh out of Pinterest and I thought it would work really well with them as the traditional liquid format would not be suitable. I just knotted and threaded the little snowflakes on to white cotton.

Its a fun way to make snow globes without the water and I think you could put anything in the jar from a Nativity scene to a dinosaur!  I have some little cars with tree tied to the top of them from my previous obsession they would look cute.

Make 31 ticked off and only 19 left to go to complete the 50 makes for Christmas.

Have you got a project that you are obsessed about this year? or have you already gone through the snow globe craze?


  1. They are lovely and being a native I will have to go see what wonders are in the emporium.

    1. Allow yourself plenty of time for browsing and try not to spend too much :)