Thursday, 17 November 2016

Pomander oranges - 50 makes of Christmas 36/50

I have been really looking forward to doing this little make ever since I drew up my long list back in the summer. The smell of these is just lovely, I wish I could send it out to you as part of this post, if you are not already in the Christmas mood then this is just the thing to help you on the way. You may think I have gone a bit early with this but my research shows that these should be done early in order for the orange to dry out.

To make this you only need two things Oranges and cloves and the only equipment you need is a skewer or other sharp implement to make a hole with.

Make holes in any pattern or design that you like and push a clove stud into each one. To help me keep my design I put tape around around the middle of the orange in both directions and filled in the gaps with the cloves, this was then removed and I may run a ribbon around.  For the spiral I just free handed it.

In an ideal situation these should be popped into the airing cupboard to dry but as we have a combi boiler I am leaving them in the hallway near the radiator so that I can enjoy the smell everytime I come home.

 I have kept my designs pretty simple but there are some fabulous intricate designs on Pinterest.

decorative orange centerpieces

I do like the idea of cutting a design into the skin but I don't have a tool to do this and you know I am all about using up what I already have in and I have had the cloves in the cupboard since last year.

I held a few cloves back to use in some of my Christmas cocktails, I will share more on these soon.

Make 36 completed and only 14 makes left in the challenge of 50 makes for Christmas.


Which smells do you associate most with Christmas?

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  1. This was to early to make these, the spiral one went mouldy and didn't make it to Christmas. I would say the more cloves you put in the longer they will last.