Tuesday, 2 August 2016

When blackboard paint meets air dried clay ornaments! - 50 makes of Christmas 7/50

Last year one of my Christmas makes were these ornaments made with "DAS"air dried clay.  They are incredibly simple to make, just roll out the clay and cut out the shapes using "cookie" cutters. Pop a hole in the top using a straw and leave to dry.  One pack makes loads of ornaments and I still have almost half a pack of Das sitting in my fridge, I guess I should check it is still OK!


Lovely as they are all in white looking simple and stark I wanted to give some of them a bit of a make over so my trusty and seemingly never ending pot of blackboard paint came out again.  Inspired by my first make of the 50 -  dipped gift tags I gave some of them a little dip.


And once a little dip has been done a full immersion followed!


To dry them off I strung a piece of string between two regular size tins with smaller tins sat on top to keep it in place.  Initially I threaded the ornament on the string like I had done with the tags but found this didn't work as well so unfolded paperclips and used them as hooks which did the job pretty well.  For the items that were fully immersed I put them on the hooks and then dipped them in to the paint.


I am really pleased with them, I think it gives a new look to something I already had and I may go up in the loft to find some baubles to see how they would look with a dip.  I did loose a couple that had been rolled very thinly in the first place and they went soft and soggy when they had been dipped.


The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted a second set of dipped tags, I want to play around with a few embellishments, I will post up the results later.

That is make 7 out of my 50 makes for Christmas just 43 more makes to go!

Have you dipped or painted anything like this? have you double dipped?

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