Friday, 12 August 2016

........... a haphazard gardener

I enjoy pottering in my garden but I think I fall a long way short of taking the title of gardener, I prefer to think of myself a haphazard gardener. My gardening method is more a case of put it in and see if it grows rather than researching if it is suitable for the type of soil we have, does it need to be in the shade or the sun etc. So naturally I have mixed results.  We grow mostly food as nothing beats going into the garden to pick your own food, it tastes great (mostly) and has zero food miles.
Home grown veg
Hanging basket Tomatoes
Fat green tomatoes
Plenty of runner beans
Can you beat the taste of fresh poddy peas
2nd crop of rhubarb
We also have room in the garden for a few flowers
Red Geraniums
Cottage garden plants
Bees loving the lavender
Despite all this green loveliness growing away my gardening my obsession this year is getting my compost bin working well!! We had an ants nest in there and I was told it was too dry and that I wasn't incorporating enough "brown" items in my mix   I found this site from the master composters to be very helpful.

So in the words of the nursery rhyme "How does your garden grow?"

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