Friday, 5 August 2016

Washi tape pegs - 50 Makes of Christmas - 8/50

I made some of these last Christmas as part of my Advent Adventure.  Really easy to make provided you have all the bits and pieces to hand

You will need

Nippy pegs - I got mine from the poundshop a couple of years a go

Washi tape or any decorative tape you may have, you could also use duck tape

Magnetic paper (optional)

This is super easy as all you need to do is attach the tape to the peg, not strictly for Christmas use so these can be used all year round.

It can then be used for

Holding Christmas cards on strings,

Holding baubles onto trees,

Gift tags onto gift bags

Book marks

Attach a name tag to a napkin for your Christmas dinner table

Keeping your coupons and vouchers in one place

Fastening the bread bag

If you have the magnetic paper cut out a strip and attach to the back of the peg, I use two layers as my paper is quite thin. these can then be used to hold important or not important  bits of paper on the fridge door.

Depending how these are going to be used they can be further embellished with

pom poms
Any shapes you have punched out of card or heavy paper
Anything interesting you have laying around.

I would love to stick a small car on one but It would need a ridiculous amount of magnetic paper on the back! So I need to park that idea for another day.

These make nice gifts and if you don't use Christmas patterns they can be used all year round.

That is make number 8 of my 50 makes for Christmas, almost at the end of single digits

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