Sunday, 28 August 2016

All stars Christmas tree - 50 makes for Christmas 13/50

This is called the all star Christmas tree because it is made using all the sizes in my star cookie cutters set.
All Star Christmas Tree

I picked up these star shaped cutters from Wilko for less than a pound, I doesn't look like  they are available on line so could be in store only.   I was drawn to them by the colour, my daughter teases me about my love of the colour blue.

Blue star shaped cutters
This is a lovely simple make that you could easily do with children, it used up the final bit of the Das modelling clay I have been working my way through since last year .  Just cut out one star in each of the sizes, put a hole in the middle with a drinking straw and leave for a couple of days to dry out.
Cut out one of each size

Once dried they are ready to be threaded on a string or ribbon, I put a bead in between each star and I cut up an old necklace for this.  The bead sizes are graduated so  I thought this would work with the different sized stars.  It also fits with my philosophy of using up things I already have and I can not tell you the last time this necklace was worn,
Stars and beads ready to be threaded

I used some red and white striped string as I thought it added to the festive flavour.  If I had some red paint I think I might have been tempted to paint the beads but I am quite happy with them in their natural colour.
Using red and white stripped string to hang from the tree

I think they will be a great addition to my Christmas goodies and will be great for filling one of those annoying gaps you always seem to get on real Christmas trees.
All Star Christmas Tree
That completes lucky 13 so just another 37 makes to go to complete my 50 makes for Christmas.

I am really enjoying doing these projects over a period of time as I don't feel like I am rushing through to start the next thing.  Is anyone else working on Christmas projects or is it just me and Santa's Elves?

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