Monday, 2 November 2015

... boat trips and autumn pics

I had an unexpected treat at the weekend when I was invited to a day boat trip on the River Trent with some friends.   

Unlike today's blanket of fog we were blessed with beautiful autumnal weather and the low sun made for some great reflective  photo opportunities, sadly only on my phone.
If you turn this picture on its side it looks like one big tree :)
Its hard to see where the tree stops and the reflection begins
Swirling water on the River Trent
Love the bridge reflections
Under the bridge - the bit you don't see
Blowing bubbles

We had great fun with our bubble wand, the bubbles bounced off the top of the river and seemed to almost have a life of their own. The local anglers were a little less amused!

I hope you have enjoyed the piccys, leave me a message to let me know how the weather is with you.

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