Monday, 30 November 2015

...Advent Calendar ...the count down is complete

The final steps in my Advent Calendar extravaganza involves blowing the dust off the sewing machine and using a combination of scraps from my Summer sewing and one of hubby's old shirts to make some little draw string bags.  After Christmas they can be used to house some of the baubles when they get put away on 12th night or I might find a use for them around the house.

I am trying to tap into my resourceful side for this project and make do with things I have around the house or that I have left over from other projects, this does exclude the chocolate treats that will be going in.  If you are interested in these fabrics they were brought from Abakhan Fabrics in the Summer but there may some left still

I have kept it really simple, cut out a rectangle of fabric and attach your decoration to what will be the outside of the bag.

Fold over the top of your fabric leaving a gap large enough to thread your drawstring through and sew.

Sew up the sides but do not sew into the channel at the top that you have just created. Thread your drawstring through the channel on each side and tie the ends together to create a loop. Turn through the bag and draw up your bag.

I have created the three bags in different sizes to add to the eclectic nature of my Advent calendar and also to fit with the scraps of fabric that I have available.

The final make for this project is some air dried clay ornaments, although you could use salt dough. These have been a long time in the planning and I picked up some cookie cutters and a child's rolling pin in the sales last Christmas.  It was just a case of rolling it out to a suitable depth, I still haven't worked out exactly what that is. Cutting out the desired shape, popping a hole in the top using a drinking straw so there will be somewhere to hang the ribbon.

So that is the last of my makes and the Advent calendar is now complete.  The Advent photo challenge starts tomorrow and I will put up the list for anyone who wants to join in, although I don't think that it will come as a great surprise that day 1 is a photo of my Advent Calendar.

My gift tag give away will be drawn tomorrow and I will announce the winner on the blog on Wednesday so get in now if you want to be entered just leave a comment on this post there is currently only one entrant so the odds are favourable.


  1. I made a shopping bag today and made the handles too short so I think maybe I will have a go at making your bags and I might have better luck.
    I wish I had time to do everything you've done but maybe I will start early for next year.
    I know your lovely friend Faye through Freecycle or Freegle or whatever one it is in Nottingham. She invited me for a cup of tea once before we moved away. I hope that you and Faye are both well and looking forward to Christmas.

  2. Hi Julieann, do you have enough fabric to re-do the handles for your bag? or maybe some contrasting fabric? It would be a shame to put your hard work to waste.

    It has been quite time consuming but I started early, made a plan of what I wanted to make and tweaked it as I went along. I am fortunate to have switched to a new part time job so I do have some free time to play around with things

    Faye and I are old work colleagues and sadly now only stay in touch through Facebook.

  3. This is what I like doing making little bags and things. I know I should have made advent something . What are you putting in the bags Sandra.

    1. Hi Nells nest, They will contain a Christmas joke, a daily photo challenge and some of them will have a chocolate treat :) I will be sharing here on my blog every day up to Christmas