Thursday, 26 November 2015

Advent Calendar .... the count down has begun pt3

Time is ticking on my Advent project, I could almost do a count down on my count down! so expect a flurry of activity on the blog over the next few days. Oh and we are having a give away!!

A nice simple make today as I turn my attention to gift tags, both as part of my Advent calendar and also for using on gifts.

When used in the Advent calendar I am going to attach a string at the bottom and tie in pieces of paper with the joke and the daily photo challenge, sort of like bows on the string of a kite.   I am not 100% sure if this is going to work but part of this creative process is taking an idea and giving it some time.

I have followed on with the same theme as the envelopes I made in pt 2 of my Advent calendar project.  I have introduced some stickers that were a part of my Christmas crafting stash, from Cox and Cox, yes of course they were an old sale bargain. I have tried to take them beyond the edges to create a less uniformed look.

While the advent tags are completley over the top, no holds barred I have pulled it back a bit with some of the gift tags, keeping it simple, less being more.

I have used punches and rubber stamps in some of my designs and I know that they may be considered to be uneconomical for the amount of use they are given. My thoughts are that they should last a long time and can be sold on when you no longer want them, so I consider them as a  investment. Some of the smaller stamps like the ones I brought from Hema are fairly low cost and they do pop up in the pound shops every now and again so not too much to pay out.

Finally the simplest of all, this was made with part of a page I recycled from the book I am still trying to craft my way through that I introduced here ,

As the spirit of christmas is starting to wend its way towards us I am having a little give away, I will make up a little goodie bag with blank tags and some stickers for you to craft your own gift tags. To enter just leave a comment below and I will pick one at random on December 1st (UK only sorry) as I don't get many visitors its got to be worth a go.


  1. Looking good Sandra. going to try making advent stuff with my more arty than me 6 year old daughter next year. i like doing homemade things together.

    1. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest if you are short of ideas and you will have a whole year to collect bits together for your project :)

    2. CONGRATULATIONS! Tracey you are the winner of our give away, please contact me so that I can arrange delivery xx

  2. Loving these, thank you for sharing your ideas :)