Monday, 23 November 2015

Advent Calendar..... the count down has begun pt2

The second stage of my Advent extravaganza project involved me bin diving into the recycling bin to retrieve a couple of envelopes,
Recycled envelope into Advent calendar

  • Cut down the envelopes to your desired size ensuring that you include enough to have a turnover at the top. This one was from a birthday card and so I could cut it in half and still have two good sized envelopes.

  • Seal the open side with wide tape, you are now free to decorate with anything you have available.

  • I have used patterned clear tape, this came from Cox and Cox a couple of years ago.  They have lots of interesting things but usually at a price outside of my budget, however, their sales can go as low as 75% off which is when I am most likely to be making my purchases.

  • For this one I have added a crafting button, old style pricing tags and shapes punched from paper retrieved out of the recycling bin.

  • The wolly hat stamp was a recent purchase from Hobbycraft  clearance for just 50p, the pompom was from a crafting set I brought from the Poundshop a few years ago and the stars were punched using a little stamp that I brought from Hema last year.

  • The final downsized envelope I wanted to be taller and thinner than the other two and was decorated with a very simple design using paper tape and more of the punched recycled paper.  The paper tape was purchased from Wilko a couple of years ago and this is the first time I have used it.

 These are all things that I had in which is a bit of an indicator that

a) I am something of a hoarder/magpie 

b) I am a sucker for a bargain as a large portion of these were sale purchases. 

If I didn't have any of these available I would look at old magazines, newspapers and promotional Christmas flyers and magazines, wrapping paper, print out words and phrases using different fonts or simply write myself, fabric scraps, bits of string, ribbon, old buttons, effectively what ever you have available you can use.

I am really please with the end results and think these designs would work equally well as cards or gift tags

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