Sunday, 7 June 2015

... recycling Bonne Maman jars

I do love everyday items that are both useful and have a decorative look to them,  I think the Bonne Maman jam jar is an excellent example of this. A well designed jar that is full of delicious jam and is pleasing to the eye.
Bonne Maman jan jars
Bonne Maman jam jars

 But being a jam jar once the jam has gone and it becomes just a jar and then you can use it for all sorts of different things.
Empty Bonne Maman jars

I keep my herbal tea bags in one, it helps Hubby to find them when he makes me tea :)
Bonne Maman - herbal tea bags

Full to the brim with black peppercorns, I buy a big bag from the local Asian supermarket as they are considerably cheaper than the big supermarkets.
Bonne Maman - blackpeppers

Not restricted to just food items, they are handy for trying to corral hair bobbles, they seem to have a life force of their own with a will to pop up all over the house.
Bonne Maman - hair bobbles

I am the mother of a stationery queen and a little of it has rubbed of on me
Bonne Maman - stationery queen

And inevitably one with all those things that don't seem to have a home or are in transit
Bonne Maman jar - useful items


  1. I do exactly the same thing, I agree the jars are very attractive.

  2. You should put up some pics Sandra D :0

  3. Funnily enough I have one of these in the sink at the moment, to soak the label off. Just love the gingham lids. How annoying that the colour ran from the ric rac. Hoping you managed to rescue your top.

    1. Ha ha do you have any special plans for your jar or will it lurk in a cupboard until you get inspiration? The top was rescued in a fashion, I need to take a snap of it and do an update. Just got back from holiday so I have a mountain of washing to get through first