Tuesday, 30 June 2015

... Daisy Daisy

After much deliberation and with the benefit of a small windfall I have made the bold step of buying a dressmakers dummy. The idea to have one has been in my head for a while and when I was struggling with the fit on the blue camisole Sandra D suggested this would be helpful.

 I did look into the idea of the famous duct tape DIY bodyform, this blog from offbeatbride has step by step instructions. and there are plenty of others versions on Pinterest.  I read a few and it was  helpful as it highlighted a few things I hadn't thought about, mostly the stability and durability of it, also that duct tape isn't the best thing for sticking pins into.  If your body shape changes then you have to start all over again

Buy Adjustoform Lady Valet Mannequin Online at johnlewis.com

I was originally looking at this model from John Lewis at a cost of £199.00, all the reviews were very positive, however I found the same thing for £149.00 at sewing online via eaby, the only difference being the colour of the wood, which I didn't feel was worth the additional 50 quid.  I now need to make her resemble my shape as much as possible, I read somewhere that you should use an old bra and fill it to make it more lifelike, I must admit that in her current state I would defiantly need a boob job as she is very pert!

I have named her Daisy Daisy as the car I followed out of the retail park  when I picked her up had stickers on the back of two daisies.  She has had a mixed reception at home, hubby thinks she is a little bit creepy and has popped his holiday hat on her as he finds her less "spooky" with it on.

 I have been inspired to write some new words to the classic Daisy Daisy song

Daisy, Daisy help me to make clothes do
I'm half crazy trying to fit things without you
I can't make a stylish dress
In fact its a bit of a mess
But you'll look sweet and very neat when I have fitted my dress to you.

Yeah sorry about that!

I would love to hear if you have had any adventures in making your own body form or if you have any advice on how to get the best out of Daisy.


  1. I'II give you the advice I was given (meaning, I haven't quite followed the advice quite yet!) Get someone to take your measurements and transfer them to the dress form. Yes, use a bra to try and replicate your bus measurements. Cover the dress form in ribbing fabric and pad it out as needed. Dress forms have changed so much over time and are much more improved than they were. Goodluck, hope it helps.

    1. Thanks Sandra D, I will get hubby to re-take my measurements, I have measured myself and set her up pinning old tights where she needs a little extra padding