Thursday, 11 June 2015

Lavender and Bees

I thought I had mastered the art of setting this up to post while I was on holiday oops it didn't work! enjoy anyway :)

It was a glorious day on Sunday and I made the most of by getting plenty of washing done, there is nothing like the smell of line dried laundry, some how it brings the sunshine in doors. However, I was distracted from my chores by the number of bees that were buzzing round the lavender up on the patio, I just had to get my camera to try and capture it.
Bee in flight

 Well if you ever have half an hour to spare on a sunny day try photographing bees, as soon as you line up the perfect shot the little beggars decide to fly off,  that half an hour soon became 45 minutes that ends up being closer to an hour oops and the perfect shot is still going to be the next one
Elusive bees hiding from the camera
Bee searching for nectar
Bee and bunny eared lavender
Spot the Bee
White bottomed bee on lavender
As you can tell I was easily distracted and it was a lovely way to chill out in the sun.

So what distracts you on a sunny day?  Do you grow lavender in your garden?

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