Thursday, 2 April 2015

....dressmaking class no1

I attended the first of my dressmaking classes on Tuesday night, the course runs for six weeks so by the middle of May I will be the proud owner of a homemade dress.

Lesson one involved

  • Taking our measurements and plotting them on the back of the pattern to work out the correct size for us to cut out

  • Cutting out our paper pattern to the appropriate size

  • We looked at the selvage edge and learnt that this runs in the same direction as the grain

  • Laying out the pattern pieces according to the layout plan in the pattern and understanding that sometimes you can work out your own plan

  • Cutting out the pattern pieces

  • Cutting out and applying interfacing.
*Light for thin fabrics like silk
*Medium for fabrics like cotton, use on dresses
*Heavy for heavier fabrics and waistbands

 This seems like a good choice of pattern as there seems to be many variations that can be put together, sleeveless, short sleeved, long sleeved, trimmed or untrimmed, contrast band on the bottom. Its not a pattern I would have selected for myself because of it being a bit fitted but all those fears will be put aside at next weeks class when we look at darts.

I am planning to return to my own unfinished sewing project from a couple of weeks ago over the Easter holiday weekend, are you planning any sewing this weekend?

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