Sunday, 12 April 2015

....a nice new bed

After our trip to Cornwall it became apparent to hubby and I that it was time to buy a new bed. We have both been complaining about not getting good quality sleep and when hubby moaned because I had turned over and disturbed him, we both agreed it was time for a new bed. We have ordered a nice divan from Silentnight with drawers in the base units, very handy for storing jumpers and it is due to be delivered in just two weeks.

If I say we hadn't planned to redecorate our bedroom until next year it implies that we make careful and well thought out plans, the truth is more a case of shall we redecorate the bedroom, no its still OK, alright we will leave it a bit longer, needless to say the bedroom is now getting redecorated.

We went to B&Q where they have an enormous range of paint colour samples and I said lets choose 3 colours each and see where we are, thinking that we would be either be in a similar palette or miles apart.

 I chose these 4 colours and Hubby chose these two.

We are using the two Hubby chose for the walls and picking up the cranberry and pink from my choices as accents in the curtains.

I have ordered the curtains from Laura Ashley, they are having a sale and these were discounted by about 1/3rd, I also treated us to a set of matching bedding.  I know I could have made the curtains myself but once I had priced up all the fabrics and headers etc plus the time to make them it was cheaper and easier to buy ready made.


So all we need to do now is empty the room, get the painting done, source and get fitted a new carpet. Not to mention decide what fabric to recover the headboard in, then do the recovering job!
Exciting but busy times for us in the next couple of weeks!

What do you think of the colour scheme? do you think it will all pull together with the curtains?  any suggestions for carpets or headboard colours?

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