Wednesday, 29 April 2015

...dressmaking class no 5

Woo hoo I am happy to say with a great feeling of accomplishment that we have a completed dress!

So here are the final tasks we completed

  • We put a small marking snip in the centre of our neckline and the centre of the front facing.
  • Sewed the facings together along the short shoulder seams, leaving the back open.
  • Make a 1 cm hem on the long edge of the facing
  • Using the centre marking point pin the facing flat, working outwards on both sides until you reach the zips at the edge, there will be a small amount of excess at each end
  • Sew the facing to the dress, DO NOT SEW OVER THE ZIP!

  • We need to finish off the zip edges. fold the excess fabric under to create a neat edge, to aid this and to take out some of the bulk  snip at an angle the top of the zip and the fabric. Approx 1 cm tapering up to the top of the facing, trim more if needed or take less if you prefer you can always take off more.

  • Attach the bottom of the facing to the dress, this can be done either by apply a row of top stitching that will show on the neck band or by "sewing in the ditch" you sew into the seam that is already there attaching the neck band to the dress(so just below the neck band).  I chose to sew in the ditch and had to finish this by hand as I had not caught all of the edges in.
  • Hand sew the zip edges just catching it into the zip fabric and not sewing through to the external fabric. 
  • Finish with a hook and eye, I chose not to do this as I know I won't use it.
  • Voila! one completed dress

I did have enough time to start on a new project but more of that later.

So apart from needing a good iron my dress is ready to wear, so let me know what you think of my first finished garment ?  So where would wear it and how would you accessorise it?


  1. Awesome job. I'm feeling inspired. I too have the sewing fear - probably because I have grand visions of couture tailoring when I can barely see a straight line...

  2. Yeah my straight lines definitely need working on! I am just happy to have completed something as I have numerous unfinished projects laying around the house where I ran out of talent :)