Friday, 16 September 2016

Rudolph gift tags - 50 makes for Christmas 17/50

These gift tags are really cute and easy to make so this is ideal to get children involved in.

In keeping with my plan to use up things I already had in, the tinsel pipe cleaners these were brought for 50p in the sale about 3 years ago, the googley eyes are from a kit I was given last year and the the red pom poms are recycled from last years Advent Adventure

I poked the pipe cleaner through the hole at the top for the string, it needed a little bit of gentle manoeuvring so small children may need a bit of help with this.

Snip about an inch to an inch and a half of the top of each side

Twist the bit that has been snipped off onto the top of the pipe cleaner to create the antlers

Work out the position of your pom pom nose and googley eyes

Or in my case work out where you want to stick them and just plonk them on wherever!

I used evo stick glue as that is what I had to hand but I think sticky fixers would be better if doing this project with children.  They have not been tested under the tree so I don't know how robust these will be.  We always seem to end up with at least a couple of presents without tags.  

We did have fun one year when my daughter carefully wrote out the gift tags to both her Grandmas with "to Grandma" they were sat side by side on the sofa and kept undoing each others presents :)

So that is make number 17 completed and I am well on my way to completing the first 20!

It looks like the sun has decided that it has done enough shining and the rain is making up for lost time.  I think that Nottingham has been quite lucky compared to other parts of the UK, over that past couple days of days I have seen some real horror pics on FB with lightening strikes, flooding and a train derailed due to a landslide!  I hope you are all safe and dry and that the weather doesn't hinder your weekend plans.

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