Monday, 26 September 2016

Paper pom-poms - 50 makes for Christmas 19/50

I have a small stack of paper cake cases that have "spread" as I didn't store them in the box they came in, I can't even remember why they were taken out in the first place!   They have been knocking round one of the kitchen cupboards for a while and I didn't want to throw them away as I was sure that they could be re-purposed.

I was inspired by this giant pom pom made with coffee filters, I think they are the same shape so I guessed that they would work in a similar way.

They were pretty easy to make, I just folded/pinched the centre and put in a couple of stitches to hold, the second one was attached to the first and then I just continued adding on until I felt that it was "full".

I tied off the the thread and will use this to hang it up.

These are going to be used at a baby shower that my daughters friends have organised for her so I introduced a few pink cake cases into one of the pom poms but I don't feel that this has worked very well as the pink cases are larger than the white ones and I am  not entirely happy with the end product.

I think the white ones look like paper snowballs and will be a great addition to my Christmas decorating stash.  I think they would look good strung together to make a garland or a few hang in the window would be quite cute.

I am pleased that I have been able to find a use for some of the squashed cake cases and I will have to try and think of some other uses for the remaining ones.  I could of course make a huge stash and start a paper pom pom snowball fight!!

That is another one ticked off the list and one step nearer to achieving my goal of 50 makes for Christmas.

Do you have something in the cupboard that you just can't bring yourself to throw away because you are waiting for the right project to come along?  or is it just me?  

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