Friday, 23 September 2016

Chutney - 50 makes of Christmas - 18/50

I love making chutney, especially using ingredients we have grown ourselves.  Hubby is now the tomato grower in our household and it makes me smile to see him lavishing them with love and attention.

I love this recipe for Autumn Chutney that uses both tomatoes and apples from the garden, it doesn't take ages to cook, tastes nice and light making it good to be used all year round.  I particularly like it on a cheese sandwich made with Hovis bread and a nice mature cheddar..............drool

The apple chutney recipe I used last year resulted in a very sticky, toffee like, sweet and very dark chutney, it received mixed reviews but was a surprising star with Colton Basset Blue cheese.  So this year I am interviewing new recipes as I am looking for something that is a bit more versatile and is a good all rounder.

One of the things with chutney making is that you can't be sure what it is going to be like until it comes out of the jar once it has matured.

This year I am going to try this recipe from Gemma Garner's blog post from 2013, it has no sultanas so it will be a nice contrast to the Autumn chutney I am making, it doesn't have a million ingredients which I see as a good thing, it means you don't buy something like Outer Mongolian Camel dust that you only use once then it sits in a jar in a cupboard until five years after it has gone out of date then you finally give in and throw it away.

I am hoping for a last flourish of sunshine to finish off the tomatoes so that I can get stuck in, I will try and remember to post an update once we get round to testing it at Christmas.

This will be make number 18 so just 32 more to complete the 50 makes for Christmas.

How is your harvest have you already picked all your homegrown goodies?

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