Saturday, 4 June 2016

Dipping Gift tags - 50 makes of Christmas 1/50

Having drawn up my list for 50 makes of Christmas I am kicking things off with a very quick easy project that can be used for gifts at anytime of the year, although mine have Christmassy pics drawn on.

I dipped kraft gift tags in that pot of blackboard paint that is still going strong!

Gently shake off some of the excess, tap on the side of the pot but only the dipped area or you may get smudges on the clean sides., I learnt by making that mistake!

I strung them out to dry using a bit of string and some carefully chosen tins from the pantry (small tins to sit on top of big tins!

 It took less than 30 minutes and the trickiest part was threading them on to the piece of string to dry them off!

There was a certain amount of dripping which is to be expected and I did try and incorporate this into another tag but it just looked very messy. I think I prefer the clean lines of the dipped tags.

I will do a second batch as I want to mess around with them a little more and I have washi tape and punches to play with.

I am just thinking that maybe a similar effect could be achieved by pressing the tags onto an ink pad, now you see how my original list of 24 grew, one idea seems to begat another!

Let me know if you have any experience with using chalkboard paint on kraft tags or have you had good results using other paint types?

That is the first one down just forty nine more to go at! at a rough estimation I will need to do about 2 a week to fit them all in before Christmas, however, I can foresee a rush in the later part of the year when I suddenly realise that I haven't squeezed them all in!

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